Bicycle Safety

Bicycling is a great way for kids to stay active and have fun outdoors! Follow these tips to make sure that the whole family is riding safely.

In Akron, as well as many other cities, children under age 16 are required to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. Parents: Model good behavior! Your child is more likely to choose to wear their helmet if you wear one as well.

Check out the video at the bottom of this page to make sure your bike is safe and ready to ride!

If your child's bike has major damage, most bicycle shops offer repair services. If damage is minor, public bike fix-it stations can be found all along the Ohio Erie Canalway at the following locations:

  • Summit Lake – along Towpath
  • Park East – along Towpath
  • Richard Howe House – along Towpath
  • Lock 3 – along Towpath connection
  • Mustill Store – along Towpath
  • Northside Station – on Towpath connector trail
  • Rubber Ducks Stadium - on Main St.
  • Summit County Library – Downtown branch
  • Akron Zoo

Children over the age of 12 should ride their bicycles on the road instead of the sidewalk.  Children under 10 years old are less able than older children to judge the speed of traffic, which puts them at high risk of danger on the road.  Before allowing older children to ride on the road, teach them about bike safety and road signaling.

Helmet Example 1
Helmet Example 2
Helmet Example 3
Helmet Example 4

To stay safe while riding your bike or scooter, it's important to make sure that all children (and adults) wear a properly fitted helmet.

Beads, bows, braids, clips, headbands and ponytails can get in the way of the helmet, so our Safe Mobility team worked with some experts on some suggestions to make it easier to properly wear a helmet.

Sometimes the solution is as easy as using a larger helmet. Other times, a few adjustments can make the difference.

  1. Make sure buns and ponytails are placed closer to the nape of the neck.
  2. Add beads and clips below the helmet area.
  3. Bobby pins should be removed or placed below the helmet area.
  4. Add a dew rag, satin bonnet or silk scarf to protect your hair.
  5. As parents, wear your helmet each and every time you ride to set an example.

Fitting the Helmet:

  1. Choose a properly fitted helmet — there are various sizes available.
  2. Place the helmet on, starting from the back of the head.
  3. The helmet should fit snug on child's head.
  4. Carefully place and secure with straps. Adjust the straps if necessary. You will want it tight but not so tight that you cannot turn your head.
  5. The helmet is properly placed when you have only 2 finger widths between your eyebrows and the helmet.

Bike Safety Tips

Wear a helmet and proper clothing

Check the air pressure in your tires

Check your brakes

Make sure the chain & crank are working properly

For more information about bike and helmet safety, call the Akron Children's Hospital Injury Prevention line: (330) 543-8942.

Bike Safety Video

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